Sugar and energy

Did you know that the “Sugars” on the nutrition list on the side of a Pack [after Carbohydrates] should really be listed into two or more categories as the body processes them differently ?

To explain, White Refined Sugar is Sucrose, which is broken down in the stomach by insulin into Glucose and Fructose its two components.

Glucose passes directly into the blood stream and also directly into the cells where it is used immediately. This is immediate energy that can cause the “highs” in children

Fructose needs to go to the liver to be processed into a form that the cells can use and this takes time. This is a Slow release of energy. This gives sustained energy.

What can happen is that if you consume too much White Sugar [Sucrose] e.g. in fizzy drinks, the cells become satisfied with the energy supplied by the glucose portion and do not need more, so, when the “fructose” [in its new form] arrives at the cell, the cell does not use it and it will be turned into glycogen as an energy store.

So what you are getting is the highs, but, they are not sustained, and so you will crave for some more, sooner, rather than later, and so the cycle continues.

In the meantime the fructose is being stored as glycogen [fat], not it’s fault, but the fault of too much glucose from the sucrose [white sugar].

What is better, then,  is if you eat fruits which have fruit sugar [fructose], or products that are made with fruit and with no added sugar [white sugar] for the slower balanced release of energy.

This is our simply fruit granola range.